EPG Nicotine Pouches

30 AED

  • Brand: X-Bar Nicotine Pouches
  • Type: Nicotine pouch
  • 20 Pouches/Can: 20 Pouches/Can
  • Format: Slim
  • Taste: Mint, Fruits
  • Nicotine level: 18mg/g

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Understanding the Mysteries of EPG Nicotine Pouches

In a world where innovation meets necessity, EPG Nicotine Pouches emerge as a beacon of hope for those seeking an alternative to traditional smoking. But what exactly are these pouches, and what sets them apart? Let’s delve into the depths of this intriguing product to uncover its mysteries.

What is EPG Nicotine Pouches?

Fundamentally, EPG Nicotine Pouches signify a change in the way that people consume nicotine. These pouches provide a discreet and practical way to enjoy nicotine without the smoke or tar that comes with traditional smoking techniques. Each expertly crafted pouch has a precisely calibrated dosage of nicotine, a combination of flavorings and binders, and is housed in a tiny, white pouch.

Available Flavor of EPG Nicotine Pouches

With our fine assortment of EPG Nicotine Pouches, which are expertly made to entice your taste buds and awaken your senses, you may enhance your nicotine experience. Discover a symphony of tastes, each carefully chosen to provide a satisfying burst with each bag.

  • Ice Mint: Our Ice Mint taste will transport you to a cool winter paradise. This flavor is cold, crisp, and energizing. It comes in nicotine concentrations of 9 mg and 14 mg, providing a refreshing change of pace from everyday life.
  • Ice Watermelon: Try our Ice Watermelon taste and sink your teeth into a pool of luscious bliss. This taste, which comes in 9mg and 14mg nicotine concentrations and is bursting with the sweetness of ripe watermelon, promises to be both refreshing and fulfilling.
  • Passion Fruit: Try our Passion Fruit taste and take a trip to a tropical paradise. With every pouch, this 9mg nicotine intensity taste, which is tangy and exotic, takes you to sun-kissed coasts.
  • Peach: Experience the velvety sweetness of summer with our Peach flavor. Ripe and succulent, this flavor in 9mg nicotine strength offers a delightful escape to orchard bliss.
  • Red Bull: With our Red Bull taste, unleash your inner vitality. This taste, which is strong and energizing, comes in nicotine concentrations of 9 mg and 14 mg and offers a significant flavor and energy boost.
  • Refreshing Grape: Delight your senses with our Refreshing Grape flavor. Juicy and refreshing, this flavor in 9mg nicotine strength captures the essence of ripe grapes for a truly invigorating experience.
  • Ruby Berry: Revel in the luscious flavors of the orchard with our Ruby Berry flavor. A harmonious blend of berries awaits in both 9mg and 14mg nicotine strengths, offering a tantalizing journey through berry bliss.
  • Summer Mango: Bask in the warmth of the tropics with our Summer Mango flavor. Sweet and succulent, this flavor in 9mg nicotine strength transports you to sun-drenched beaches with every pouch.

With EPG Nicotine Pouches, you can embrace taste to the fullest. Each pouch offers an indulgent and satisfying experience. Select your strength and taste, then be ready for a unique nicotine experience.You can explore additional nicotine pouch flavors and brands, such as Velo nicotine and Killa Nicotine Pouches, to expand your options and find the perfect fit for your preferences.

Features and Specifications of EPG Nicotine Pouches

  • Brand: X-Bar Nicotine Pouches
  • Type: Nicotine Pouch
  • 20 Pouches/Can: 20 Pouches/Can
  • Format: Slim
  • Taste: mint, fruits
  • Nicotine level: 18 mg/g
  • Ingredients: aromas, natural fibers, crystallized nicotine
  • Strength: Medium
  • Manufacturer: French Lab


Key Features of EPG Nicotine Pouches

  • Discreet Usage: The compact nature of EPG Nicotine Pouches allows for discreet consumption, perfect for those moments when discretion is paramount.
  • Tobacco-Free Formula: Bid farewell to the shackles of tobacco with these pouches, which offer a tobacco-free alternative for nicotine enthusiasts.
  • Variety of Flavors: From zesty citrus to soothing mint, there’s a flavor for every palate, ensuring an enjoyable experience with every pouch.
  • Precise Nicotine Dosage: With carefully measured nicotine content, users can customize their experience according to their preferences and tolerance levels.
  • No Secondhand Smoke: Embrace a smoke-free environment, as these pouches produce no smoke, making them ideal for indoor use.

Pros and Cons of EPG Nicotine Pouches


  • Discreet and convenient
  • Tobacco-free formula
  • Wide range of flavors
  • Precise nicotine dosage
  • Smoke-free alternative


  • Potential for nicotine dependence
  • Limited availability in certain regions

How to Use EPG Nicotine Pouches

Using EPG Nicotine Pouches is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Remove a pouch from the container.
  • Place the pouch between your gum and cheek.
  • Enjoy the satisfying nicotine experience.

What’s Included in the Box

Each box of EPG Nicotine Pouches contains:

  • Multiple pouches in your preferred flavor and nicotine strength.

Fast Delivery in All Cities in the UAE

Embark on a nicotine journey with expedited delivery services available in every corner of the United Arab Emirates. From the bustling streets of Abu Dhabi to the vibrant cityscape of Dubai, rest assured that your EPG Nicotine Pouches will arrive promptly. Delight awaits residents of Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain, as fast delivery services extend to every emirate.


In conclusion, EPG Nicotine Pouches stand as a testament to innovation in the realm of nicotine consumption. With their discreet nature, tobacco-free formula, and wide array of flavors, these pouches offer a compelling alternative to traditional smoking methods. So why wait? Dive into the world of EPG Nicotine Pouches and experience nicotine indulgence like never before.

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Ice Mint (9mg Nicotine), Ice Mint (14mg Nicotine), Ice Watermelon (9mg Nicotine), Ice Watermelon (14mg Nicotine), Passion Fruit (9mg Nicotine), Peach (9mg Nicotine), Red Bull (9mg Nicotine), Red Bull (14mg Nicotine), Refreshing Grape (9mg Nicotine), Ruby Berry (9mg Nicotine), Ruby Berry (14mg Nicotine), Summer Mango (9mg Nicotine)