Xtrime Nicotine Pouches

35 AED

  • Brand: XTRIME
  • Flavor: Available in 4 flavors.
  • Strength: STRONG
  • Product Type: NICOTINE POUCHES
  • Format: SLIM
  • Nicotine (mg) per gram: 30
  • Nicotine (mg) per pouch: 21
  • Pouches per can: 20
  • Content per can (gram): 14
  • Weight per pouch (gram): 0.70
  • Manufacturer: NGP

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How popular are Xtrime Nicotine Pouches in Dubai?

Xtrime Nicotine Pouches are a novel product that is causing a stir in the energetic metropolis of Dubai. But what are these pouches specifically, and why should you give them some thought? Innovative smokeless tobacco products like Xtrime Nicotine Pouches are made to provide a discreet and easy-to-use nicotine fix.

These pouches don’t contain tobacco leaves like conventional tobacco products do. Rather than requiring combustion, they offer a robust nicotine dose thanks to their filling of premium nicotine salts and flavorings.


Specification Details
Flavor Available in 4 flavors.
Strength STRONG
Format SLIM
Nicotine (mg) per gram 30
Nicotine (mg) per pouch 21
Pouches per can 20
Content per can (gram) 14
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.70
Manufacturer NGP

What are the flavors of Xtrime Nicotine?

A mouthwatering variety of tastes is available in Xtrime Nicotine to entice your palate. The following are some of the energizing choices available:

  • Arctic Mint: Immerse yourself in a refreshing blast of icy mint that will leave your senses tingling with coolness.
  • Neuron Freeze: Experience a surge of exhilarating energy with Neuron Freeze, a fusion of frosty menthol and electrifying citrus flavors.
  • X-cold: Dive into the depths of crispness with X-cold, a chilly concoction that delivers an intense and exhilarating cooling sensation.
  • X-Freeze: Feel the frostbite with X-Freeze, a frosty blend of menthol and icy freshness that will send shivers down your spine.

Each flavor is crafted to provide a unique and refreshing nicotine experience, offering a delightful escape from the ordinary. Choose your favorite flavor and embark on a journey of icy sensations with Xtrime Nicotine.

How does the flavor taste?

Every Xtrime Nicotine Pouch flavor provides a different kind of sensory experience. With flavors ranging from the powerful richness of classic toba cco to the crisp freshness of Arctic Mint, each pouch offers a unique flavor profile that is sure to knock you for six.

Why choose it?

  • Convenience: Xtrime Nicotine Pouches are portable and easy to use, making them ideal for individuals with busy lifestyles.
  • Discreetness: Since they produce no smoke or vapor, Xtrime Nicotine Pouches can be used discreetly in various settings.
  • Variety: With a range of flavors available, there’s something to suit every taste preference.
  • Healthier Alternative: By eliminating combustion and tobacco leaf, Xtrime Nicotine Pouches offer a potentially less harmful alternative to traditional smoking.


  • Smoke-Free: Enjoy nicotine without the harmful effects of smoking.
  • Convenient: Use Xtrime Nicotine Pouches anytime, anywhere.
  • No Lingering Odor: Say goodbye to the lingering smell of smoke on your clothes and breath.
  • Customizable Nicotine Levels: Choose from different nicotine strengths to suit your needs.

Key Features

  • Nicotine Salts: High-quality nicotine salts for a smooth and satisfying experience.
  • Slim Design: Discreet pouches that fit comfortably under your lip.
  • Quick Release of Nicotine: Experience rapid nicotine absorption for instant satisfaction.
  • Long-Lasting Flavor: Enjoy consistent flavor throughout use.

How to use it?

Using Xtrime Nicotine Pouches is simple:

  • Step 1: Take a pouch from the container.
  • Step 2: Place the pouch between your gum and inner lip.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the flavor and nicotine hit.
  • Step 4: Dispose of the used pouch responsibly.

What exactly will be inside the box?

When you purchase Xtrime Nicotine Pouches, you can expect:

  • A stylish and convenient container.
  • Individually wrapped pouches for freshness.
  • Information leaflet with usage instructions and flavor descriptions.

Fast delivery all over the UAE

Experience the convenience of fast and reliable delivery of Xtrime Nicotine Pouches to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE. Order now and enjoy your favorite flavors without delay.


It’s important to use Xtrime Nicotine Pouches properly, even though they provide a smokeless substitute for conventional tobacco products. Because nicotine can be addictive, these pouches are only meant for adult usage. Should you have any concerns regarding your use of nicotine, speak with a healthcare provider.

Xtrime Nicotine Pouches offer a tasty, practical, and possibly less dangerous method to get your nicotine fix in Dubai. These pouches offer a gratifying experience with a range of intriguing flavors to select from, whether you’re an experienced tobacco user or looking to explore alternatives.

Check out our website for a broad selection of nicotine pouches available in our store.


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Arctic Mint, Neuron Freeze, X-cold, X-freeze