ICE Nicotine Pouches

35 AED

  • Brand: ICE
  • Origin: Iceland
  • Flavor: Available in 13 different flavors
  • Strength: Strong
  • Product Type: Nicotine Pouches
  • Format: Slim
  • Nicotine (mg) per gram: 20
  • Nicotine (mg) per pouch: 14
  • Pouches per can: 20
  • Content per can (gram): 14
  • Weight per pouch (gram): 0.70
  • Manufacturer: Nicopods EHF

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The World of Ice Nicotine Pouches in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

In the bustling landscape of Dubai, a new trend is making waves – Ice Nicotine Pouches. But what exactly are these innovative pouches, and why are they gaining popularity? Let’s dive into the world of Ice Nicotine Pouches and explore what sets them apart.


Specification Details
Brand ICE
Origin Iceland
Flavor Available in 13 different flavors.
Strength Strong
Product Type Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Nicotine (mg) per gram 20
Nicotine (mg) per pouch 14
Pouches per can 20
Content per can (gram) 14
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.70
Manufacturer Nicopods EHF

What are Ice Nicotine Pouches in Dubai?

Ice Nicotine Pouches offer a convenient and discreet way to enjoy nicotine without the need for combustion or inhalation. These pouches, designed to be placed under the lip, release nicotine gradually, providing a satisfying experience without the smoke or vapor.

Quality of ICE Nicotine Brand?

ICE stands as the sole manufacturer of nicotine pouches in Iceland, distinguishing itself with a commitment to crafting pouches of exceptional quality. With a focus on high nicotine levels and unique flavors, ICE has garnered a reputation for excellence in the realm of nicotine products.

What are the flavors of Ice Nicotine?

Ice Nicotine Pouches come in a tantalizing array of flavors, each offering a distinct sensory experience. From refreshing menthol to fruity blends, there’s a flavor to suit every palate. Some of the popular flavors include:

  • Cool Mint 8mg
  • Mountain Melt 8mg
  • Lemon Berry 12mg
  • Jalapeno Lime 16mg
  • Habanero Sunset 16mg
  • Freeze X 20mg
  • Freeze Reaper 24mg
  • Blueberry 16mg
  • Blueberry 8mg
  • Frost 16mg
  • Frost 8mg
  • Sour Apple 16.5mg
  • Frost 2.0 8mg

Why Choose It?

When it comes to selecting Ice Nicotine Pouches, several compelling reasons make them a preferred choice:

  • Convenience: Ice Pouches offer a hassle-free way to enjoy nicotine on the go.
  • Discreetness: With no smoke or vapor, these pouches allow for discreet usage in various settings.
  • Flavor Variety: The diverse range of flavors ensures there’s something for everyone.
  • Nicotine Satisfaction: ICE pouches are renowned for their high nicotine content, providing a satisfying experience.


  • Smoke-Free Alternative: Ideal for those seeking an alternative to traditional smoking methods.
  • No Lingering Odor: Unlike cigarettes, Ice Nicotine Pouches leave no lingering smell.
  • Controlled Nicotine Intake: Users can control their nicotine intake with precision.
  • Portable: Compact and portable, these pouches are perfect for on-the-go use.

Key Features

  • High Nicotine Levels: ICE pouches boast high nicotine concentrations for an intense experience.
  • Long-Lasting Flavor: The flavor of Ice  Pouches remains consistent throughout use.
  • Quick Absorption: Designed for rapid nicotine absorption, providing instant gratification.
  • Comfortable Fit: The slim, discreet design ensures a comfortable fit under the lip.

How Do You Use It?

Using Ice Nicotine Pouches is straightforward and effortless. Here’s a simple guide to getting started:

  • Step 1: Select your desired flavor and remove a pouch from the package.
  • Step 2: Place the pouch under your upper lip, ensuring it rests comfortably.
  • Step 3: Allow the pouch to release nicotine gradually.
  • Step 4: Enjoy the sensation and flavor at your leisure.

What will be in the box?

When you purchase Ice Nicotine Pouches, you can expect a carefully curated package that includes:

  • Multiple Pouches: Each box contains multiple pouches for extended use.
  • Information Leaflet: A detailed leaflet providing essential usage and safety information.
  • Sealed Packaging: The pouches are sealed for freshness and quality assurance.

Fast Delivery All Over UAE

Experience the convenience of fast and reliable delivery across the UAE. Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, your Ice Nicotine Pouches will reach you promptly, ensuring you never run out of your favorite flavors.


While Ice Nicotine Pouches offer a smoke-free alternative to traditional tobacco products, it’s essential to use them responsibly. Nicotine pouches are intended for adult use only and should be stored out of reach of children and pets. Pregnant or nursing women, individuals with heart conditions, and those sensitive to nicotine should consult a healthcare professional before use.

With ice pouches, you can take a taste and satisfaction trip. Find the ideal combination to improve your nicotine fix and relish the flexibility to indulge whenever and wherever you choose.

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Cool Mint 8mg, Mountain Melt 8mg, Lemon Berry 12mg, Jalapeno Lime 16mg, Habanero Sunset 16mg, Freeze X 20mg, Freeze Reaper 24mg, Blueberry 16mg, Blueberry 8mg, Frost 16mg, Frost 8mg, Sour Apple 16.5mg, Frost 2.0 8mg