Myle Drip Aloe Grape Disposable Device

43 AED

  • Device Name : Myle Drip Aloe Grape
  • Flavor : Smooth aloe vera and delectable table grapes combine to create a smooth vape sensation.
  • Total Puffs : 2500 puffs/pod (approx.)
  • Quantity : 1 Disposable Device Per Pack
  • Battery : 850 mAH
  • ML : 6 ML/Pod
  • MG : 5Mg, 5% Salt Nicotine

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Myle Drip Aloe Grape, you can enjoy tranquil vaping bliss.

With Myle Drip Aloe Grape, you’ll enter a world of incomparable relaxation and innovation. Indulge in aloe vera, essential to the lusciousness of table grapes. This one-of-a-kind combination delivers more than simply a relaxing vaping experience. Join us as we delve into the complexities of this delectable haven.

Myle Drip Specification
Flavor Name MYLE Drip Aloe Grape
Disposable Devices 1 disposable vape device
Weight Lightweight
Manual 1 User manual
Liquid/pod 6ml built-in reservoir
Technology Anti-leak technology/ Waterproof and sealed
Nicotine by volume/unit 2%-5%
Salt Nicotine 50mg/20mg of tobacco-free salt nicotine
Coil 1.75 Ohm

Relax with Aloe Grape Tranquility.

With Myle Drip Aloe Grape, you may escape into a world of tranquility. This vape transports you to a tranquil paradise with the scent of aloe vera and the luscious taste of table grapes. Allow the fruity flavors to dance on your tongue while the soothing characteristics of aloe vera calm your senses. This combination is ideal for unwinding after a long day and provides a soothing experience that lifts your emotions. Ideal for individuals who want to quit smoking or enjoy the benefits of vaping.

Experience cutting-edge Vaping

Myle Drip ushers you into the vaping future. Every detail of the Drip device reflects our commitment to innovation. With a visually appealing bottle-shaped design, this elegant vape makes a statement while also providing an unrivaled vaping experience. The massive 6 ml tank, which can hold up to 2500 puffs, provides extended vaping pleasure without the need for regular refills. Immerse yourself in vapor clouds produced by the 1.75-ohm coil, which provides a genuinely pleasurable vaping feeling. Enjoy extended use before charging with an 850 mAh battery.

Flavor diversity, satisfaction, and unity

With the Drip, you may enjoy a delicious symphony. This device has 12 amazing selections, including the delicious Aloe Grape and other enticing mixtures like White Gummy and Iced Mint. Discover new flavors or relish time-honored favorites; there’s a flavor for everyone. Accept the variety of tastes and find your perfect match among these options.

Myle Drip Aloe Grape, you can embrace the future of vaping.

Myle Drip Aloe Grape stands out as a beacon of innovation and relaxation as you explore the realms of calm vaping. Whether you’re looking for the soothing embrace of aloe vera or the sweetness of table grapes, this blend delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. Let Myle Drip be your portal to a world of vaping happiness, with cutting-edge technology and a plethora of flavors.


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